“fine dining at Akazienkiez”

Vorbergstraße 10 a, 10823 Berlin
+49 (0) 16093277462
Restaurant Monday – Saturday from 06:00 p.m

FAELT – unusual “fine dining”

Welcome to Faelt, the culinary jewel in the heart of Berlin’s “Akazienkiez” neighborhood.

Faelt has been awarded a Michelin star since March 2021 and is known for simply doing certain things a bit differently . because we don’t wanna be your “typical” Michelin starred restaurant 🙂

We are no hipsters, no dogmatists and simply appreciate very good craftsmanship, a relaxed atmosphere and kind service for the benefit of our guests.

If there’s no availability on a certain date, please write is on email – most of the time we’ll find a solution in your best interest.



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Björn swanson


German-American with Swedish roots. star chef. family man. entrepreneur. Donut.

My way into the catering trade was unconventional and maybe that’s why it was crowned with success. Looking at things differently, thinking “outside the box” and always acting in a solution-oriented manner have always been attributes that have distinguished me from other chefs. I never see problems, only opportunities and solutions. This has enabled us as a company to expand in the middle of the pandemic and to consolidate our market position.

I don’t need false luxury or status symbolism in my restaurants. What we and I want to stand for is very simple: cordiality. Perfect authentic service and to the point, clear taste – paired with traditional craftsmanship.

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